Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kind of CAD Software do you use?

We use SolidWorks and AutoCad software.

2. Are you a Union Contractor?


3. Are you limited in the size of project your company can handle?

No, we are open to reviewing any project size.

4. Can IronWorks assemble and pre-assemble projects?

Yes, we are adaptable to our customers specifications.

5. Do you build new or only restoration work?

Our primary focus is new fabrications, however we also do restoration work.

6. Do you do sandblasting?

Yes. We have an indoor steel grit booth that is 24’x70’x18’.  We also have the ability to blast with glass or black diamond.

7. Do you have an overhead crane?

Yes.  We have 8 overhead cranes in our fabrication department that range from 5 tons to 10 tons and also multiple Jib cranes throughout the shop.

8. Do you have rail, highway or barge access?

We currently have highway access only.

9. Do you have the ability to paint items at your Fab shop?

Yes, we do have a paint department.

10. Do you remove lead paint?


11. In what areas of the country do you work?

We fabricate in house for customers worldwide.

12. Do you do abrasive blasting?


13. What certifications and qualifications does IronWorks have?

We have an in-house CWI. Our welders are also Mn-DOT and/or AWS certified.

14. What coating capabilities do you have?

We have several application methods for liquid paint and coatings.  We also are able to outsource galvanizing.

15. What kind of access do you have into your facility?

We are located in an Industrial park off two main US Highways.

16. What kind of QC program do you have?

We have a Mn-DOT approved QC program which is available upon request.

17. What kind of sand blasting media do you use?

We use steel grit, Australian Garnett, glass and black diamond. Others available per customer’s specs.

18. What kinds of items do you fabricate and paint?

We make highway, bridge, concrete pre-stress, material handling and storage, aggregate and mining, and also heavy structural products based on customers design.

19. What types of coatings do you use?

We use most enamels, urethanes, epoxies, water-based, fire proofing, insulating and sound deadening materials based on our customer’s specifications.

20. How long have you been fabricating?

We have been fabricating for over 23 years.

21. What states are you pre-qualified to make DOT materials and products?

We are a qualified fabricator for Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

22. What types of aggregate equipment do you build?

We build, but are not limited to cold feed bins, radial stacking conveyors, transfer conveyors, screening plants, wash plants, rip rap plants, and crushers.